The Gorgeous NTV anchor Victoria Rubadiri Speaks on How She Got Pregnant At 18, Her Ideal Man And How She Was Double Crossed By Her Baby Daddy

Opening up to true love magazine, the beautiful and sweet Victoria Rubadiri spoke on how she got pregnant at 18, and how she wanted to terminate the pregnancy since the father was not having any of it. With the intervention of her biological father she didn’t and now has a beautiful daughter. However with this happening she has come up with a list on the kind of guy she would be willing to date at this age and time.

She said that he has to be fun, ready to learn, cultured, talkative, loving and most importantly god-fearing. In matters of wealth, it seems that will not really matter as what she really expects is someone who will be able to afford her a comfortable lifestyle and that’s about it.

In this case since most of the Kenyan men “purport” to have these qualities, there is surely going to be a line up at the beautiful anchors door very soon.