This Is The Real Reason Why Caroline Mutoko Paid Laura Oyier’s Intercontinental bill of 230,000 ksh And Offered Her A Lucrative Job At Radio Africa

After the drama that came with after Valentine’s Day of the lady who was unable to pay her valentines bill of 230.000 Laura Oyier became a Kenyan sensation overnight and not for any good reason. First of all there is her bleaching, even though she has come out strongly to deny the very noticeable. Then her eyebrows are something that is uniquely disturbing. Finally there is her music, a type that cannot be placed in any genre and not in a good way. However with all the gloom surrounding her life, it seems that good tidings are coming her way.

Caroline Mutoko former radio queen at kiss fm seems to have been wowed by the sweet sassy voice Laura has. For this simple reason she not only paid the 230,000 but also offered Laura a position in one of the many radio stations under radio Africa. Even though Laura Oyier seems not to know exactly where she will be placed, she is very eager and willing to start working.

With this new move it’s hard to pinpoint why she is really taking the job. Is it really to create a bigger fan base for herself, or is it for the simple reason she has realized that her music career isn’t taking her anywhere at her age. However with no way of knowing right now Kenyans have to wait a little longer to know the real reason.