This Is How It Went Down When Laura Oyier Went To Pay Her 230,000 Ksh Bill At The Intercontinental

When it comes to the intercontinental saga involving Laura oyier one can’t help but be amazed at how far an individual can go for fame and fortune. After spending a total of 21 days in pure luxury and dining on the finest, it all seemed that people couldn’t help but wonder if she had been stood up as she had an outstanding bill of sh.230, 000. Either way good tidings came her way and apparently Radio Africa specifically Caroline Mutoko helped her clear the bills.
On her post on social media, Laura oyier displays a clearance receipt of the total amount with pride.

This claim was backed up by Gidi Gidi who states that he was the one who accompanied her to intercontinental to clear the bill stating.

Today took Laura Oyier to intercom to pay her bill. She will be live on Radio Jambo breakfast show tomorrow from 7 am. Radio Africa paid the bill… despite her woes, she is an amazing woman.

Well thinking of this, one cannot simply come to get a much better example of misplaced priorities. She might be a lovely lady with a great sassy voice who will have an eventful and successful radio career. But thinking of all the Kenyans going hungry, the money would have been better placed helping them, simply not helping an individual who is looking for fame and luxury. Either way, many people can’t wait to see how her career goes on.