This New Revelation Proves That Controversial Businessman Paul Kobia Isn’t Mad After All, The Man Could Be A Genius

Paul Kobia has for the past few months been headlining news sites all for the wrong reasons. So outrageous where his utterances that he was labeled a mad man. However In a new twist of events it seems that Paul Kobia isn’t really mad after all. Apparently what he said about the Kenyan government splashing millions of dollars for a few words has happened, and now Kenya has Tony Blair, former prime minister to Britain, as its new advisor.

In his tweet to Kenyans, Paul Kobia stated that he will be paying the man on a weekly basis himself.
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With this eye-opener, it seems that it has finally dawned on Kenyans that the man was actually right and that the government could be misappropriating millions of shillings for some wordings. Kenyans did what they know best and took their frustrations out on social media, writing the most unutterable words to express their dismay.

However with this new revelation, it seems his insanity was just a cover up. All in all this sort of proves he is in the Presidential committee of advisors, as how else would he have known of such a matter if he wasn’t.