Laura Oyier And Maina Kageni Met And This Is What They Talked About

Maina Kageni interviewed Laura Oyier on Mpasho TV and their conversation was quite interesting to say the least. It seems Laura is a pretty big fan of Maina and an avid listener as well. She was delighted to meet Kageni and she credited it to the publicity she was getting because of the intercontinental saga. She didn’t expect she would be this famous in such a short time.

Apparently she is the one who checked into the hotel on her own accord. Her bill was 230,000 and not 250,000 as some had speculated. She couldn’t pay her accrued bill since the whole situation was dicey and none of the managers at the hotel was willing to hear her story. She remained silent about the rest of what happened at the hotel but promised to give a better explanation on tomorrow’s classic FM morning show.