This is how the“One Centimetre ” Kenyan Musician Jaguar Pocketed KSH 1.5 million in 45 minutes

Jaguar is always on top of his game and if there is one thing he knows better than making hits is making good cash. In a recent performance in a Kenyan university in Kigali, jaguar pocketed a handsome ksh 1.5 million in less than one hour. The university, Mount Kenya University, Kigali campus, had shelled out almost KSH 5 million for his stay and performance during their annual Beauty Pageant.

The university paid for Jaguars first class flight and accommodation at the glamorous Serena Hotel. His crew was also treated the same way. Additionally they also paid for a number of tours which Jaguar took while in the country. The winning MR and MRS MKU were each handed a branded car by the institution as their prize.