This Is The Real Reason The Lady Who Was Stripped And Assaulted In Kayole Wants To Forgive The 6 Men

A case involving 6 men who stripped a lady in Kayole could be withdrawn after the complainant, Regina Nyambura, decided she would forgive them. She feels that the case is taking up too much of her time and the men according to her have suffered enough and have already learnt their lesson. The men are just like her brothers she said, and she would rather spend time providing for her children than continue with the case from which she does not expect any compensation.

The prosecution however is not yet willing to drop the case since the matter is a subject of public interest. The charges which include violent robbery brought against the 6 men are very serious in the country. The court also felt that there was no urgency to dismiss the case as the complainant wished. The 6 men, Zachary Gitonga Michael Kamau, David Kinuthia , Lawrence Kuria and Hosea Kassim are charged with violently robbing Nyambura of a mobile phone, 61 eggs and KSH 950. In total she was robbed of property valued at 10,290.