This Is What This Police Officer Got For His Unwavering Bravery When He Engaged An Armed Thug

Being a police officer in a country where crime runs rampant is not a walk in the park. Many people lose their lives when they take on the career. Others lose their way and begin attacking or oppressing those whom they were meant to protect. However, there are the honest few, who work diligently. They honor their duties and stick to their role in society. They offer their lives to serve others without expecting anything in return.

A good example of an admirable police officer is Chief Inspector Alphonse Nzova Mulinge. Last year he was captured on video bravely wrestling a gun peddler and disarming him before other officers joined him. His heroic act undoubtedly saved a life somewhere.

Today Mr Mulinge was amounfg 40 officers who received recognition for their outstanding services. Various cash awards were given to the officers. The award ceremony was held at the Railways Club in Nairobi. According to IPOA chairman Macharia Njeru , the awards were meant to improve standards of competence, accountability, integrity, professionalism and discipline in the police force.