A 30 Year Old Man In Siaya Was Arrested For Posing As A Barmaid And Robbing Customers, And This Is The Outrageous Reason He Gave For Doing So

The world never ceases to amaze. A 30 year old man in Siaya county was arrested for masquerading as a barmaid. Dressed as a woman it was easy for him to rob clients and dupe them into buying him liquor. Michael Obiero, the man in question was arrested after his colleagues raised the alarm when they became suspicious of his manly physique.

He had worked at the bar for two days and was going by the name Brenda. Funny enough he was sharing a room with two other barmaids at Usenge market. His true orientation was revealed after the police ordered him to strip down. He tried to explain that he was a transgender but no one would have any of that.

According to Bondo Deputy County Commissioner Samson Akatch, the matter is now under investigation and a full report will be dished out once everything comes to light. The owner of the bar was summoned to help with the investigation and ordered to explain why he didn’t vet his employees before employing them.