Here Are 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Citizen Tv’s Lilian Muli Kanene

Many will agree that Lilian Muli is one of the hottest news presenters on TV today. Many will also attest to the fact that they only watch citizen news to catch a glimpse of her gorgeous hot body. Shes truly one of those news anchors that viewers would hate to see leave. Many may know her On-screen life but a lot is hidden behind that beautiful face. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Lilian Muli.

1. She is a Daystar Alumnus.
2. Lilian does not like eating in the morning. She struggles with her breakfast.
3. Contrary to what many believe, she’s down to earth and prefers simplicity.
4. She is afraid of heights, going up stair cases, elevators and buzzing insects
5. She prefers humorous guys who are good at taking part in conversations
6. She likes tall guys who exercise and like to keep in shape.
7. She would rather go out with someone who is religious than one who is not.
8. She is not a fan of Egotistical or Narcissistic men
9. The most favourite part of her body is her dimples.
10. Her mother who lives in Bangkok is her best friend