How Rich Is Royal Media’s S.K Macharia And How Did He Acquire All His Wealth?

Many people know of media mogul S. K Macharia and his love, hate struggle with politicians. Often lauded as one of the richest men in Kenya and sensible entrepreneur, S. K Macharia has numerous business to his name, having delved in Agriculture, Real estate, Transport and Banking. His ambition started way back in the 1970’s when he was a senior finance manager at an Agricultural Development Corporation where he was determined to make the beef industry flourish.

Unknown to many, all he wanted was to manufacture and sell tissue paper until Former President Arap Moi put a stop to his ambitions. Either way, he ventures into the telecommunication industry after the 1992 presidential elections. He now owns numerous stations in both English, Kiswahili and Venacular that include Citizen TV, Kiss, Radio Jambo, Ramogi, Muuga, Chamgei,Iinooro, Bahari and Wimwaro.

Not much is known about his childhood and education; however he is estimated to be worth Ksh 112 billion as of 2014.