If You Thought Laura Oyier’s Pursuit For Fame Begun With The Intercontinental 230,000 KSH Saga Then You Are Dead Wrong

After Laura was taken to court for failing to pay a valentine bill of 230,000 at the intercontinental her story blew up. She became a national celebrity overnight and she was trending on most media platforms. Soon she was being interviewed by all the big shots in the media industry and her name was on every newspapers. Things got so good that Radio Africa decided to pay off her bill and even offer her a Job. Many think that this was her first attempt at fame but they are dead wrong.

Back in February 2011 she began her pursuit of fame through her band and Facebook page, dubbed The Laura Show. Things didn’t seem so good and judging from her page likes (they are 309 currently), fans were very rare at the time. Many would have probably never even gotten to know she was a musician were it not for the intercontinental saga and the numerous TV shows and interviews she has been on.