Renowned Tahidi High Lead Actor Omosh Has Been Reduced To A Beggar… Will Mike Sonko Resuce Him Like Mzee Ojwang?

People seem to disappear as fast as they appeared in the limelight. Sometimes the change is brought about by changing times but other times the change is self-made. Omosh, one of the lead actors in Tahidi high kind of brought some bad karma his way. It is reported that he was kicked off the popular Tahidi high series because of his over indulgence in alcohol abuse. According to a credible source, he is now living in poverty and is a regular at “mamapima joints”.

Things have gotten so bad that he is reportedly living in a rundown shackle in Shauri Moyo where he frequently visits cheap liquor joints to beg and quench his thirst. Earlier on this year, Omosh was involved in car accident along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. He was luckly to have survived but the borrowed car he was driving had a substantial amount of damage. It was alleged that he was heavily intoxicated at the time of the incident.

We hope he will be able to beat his alcohol addiction before things get much worse.