This Is How The Gorgeous NTV News Anchor, Victoria Rubadiri, Really Feels About Men From Eastlands

It can be argued that Victoria Rubadiri is a fast rising socialite if the number of times she is trending on social media platforms is anything to go by. From the baby daddy issues, to the kind of man she wants to date and this time for dissing Eastland’s men.Bloggers had a field day tearing down the TV siren after rumors emerged that she said that the weave on her head was more expensive than the rent of most Eastland’s men. Having had enough she has decided to speak on the issue.

In well chosen words, beautiful Rubadiri said that she would never look down on a person let alone speak of such matters. In a light manner she said she doesn’t even know what she puts on her head expect that it looks good.

Putting the rumors aside, it is a fact that the weave on her head is better looking than what majority of Kenyan women adorn. It shapes her face well and has the right amount of shine through out. At the end of the day, it might be true, but then again she might be wearing just another piece of sisal for all we care.