This Is The Shocking Story Of How A Granddaughter Snatched And Married Her Own Grandfather From Her Grandmother


The saga involving a grandmother who is at log ahead’s with her granddaughter over a man that is leaving Kenyans speechless is getting interesting by the day. It seems that though this whole affair is coming to light just recently, it started way back in 2011 three months after the colorful wedding of Daniel Mwongela and Grace Mwende in Machakos.

As it seems, since 2011, the step granddaughter Florence Nduku, 23 was eying her grandmother’s husband even as she was one of the bride’s maids at the wedding. Reports are emerging that just three months after the wedding, Florence would go and visit the ‘grandfather’ all the way in Mombasa so as to get her freak on with the old man.

Interestingly, this woman sees no problem with snatching her grandmother husbands who is an old man not even considering that it is incest and has hanged on him like he is a dashingly handsome rich young man. Shamelessly she has the audacity to abuse the woman who actually took care of her when she was straight for the village. Unfortunately it seems that everyone knew about the whole affair except Grace Mwende who came to know about it by accident when a worker spilled the bills leading to separation in 2013.

Who knew that the rare scarcity of eligible men would actually lead to a show down between grandmothers and granddaughters? As they say, if you don’t take care of your man, someone else