Here Is What The Police Think About The Juja Mca Kidnap Story And This Is Why The Think The Whole Thing Was Staged

After the dramatic rescue of Juja MCA Mr. Samuel Gitau who was missing for more than a week, it seems that everything was staged, at least that is what the police think of the whole scene. According to police, the kidnap and the evidence collected surrounding the MCAs disappearance seems to raise more questions than answers. In this regard the police are waiting for Mr. Samuel Gitau to leave the Aga Khan Hospital, where he was rushed by for treatment by well-wishers so that they can interrogate him.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Kiambu county commander James Mugera said that what the MCA recounted and what is really on the ground doesn’t add up. The county commander went further and added that the whole thing sounded like it was straight from a movie and that the investigations will have a solid foundation to be able to go on after speaking to the recuperating MCA.

With this new revelation coming up and with the never ending threats of power, it may just be a man who was just kidnapped and dared to escape from the claws of death. On the other hand as devious as MCAs have always been, it may be a cooked up story.