The Boss Lady, Huddah Monroe, Talks About Her Bum, And Her Addiction With Cocaine, Bhang And Brown Sugar

Huddah has decided to shed some light to her previous life before becoming a socialite. Taking to her social media account, she made an interesting revelation through the hush tag# sayNotorugs, about her past abuse of drugs before joining big brother Africa. Apparently it seems that she had addiction issues and was hooked to cocaine, Bhang and brown sugar between the periods of 2011 to 2013 that apparently ruined her body.
She also rejected claims that her posterior was fake and that she was using butt enhancements to make herself more appealing. Stating;

For your info this bum don’t need ass injections to be here. The bum been there before you knew me

Interestingly moments later she went ahead and described that she did battle with extreme weight loss to the extent that she became anorexic and weighed a mere 43 kilograms. This was followed by another post that was equally interesting and she stated.

I joined the gym to be fit and bring back my appetite, I’m like a m***** *****r after working out and I am happy. Please don’t try to console your insecurities by thinking am not real, time will tell

Ironically this is a direct opposite of what she posted few days ago, where she stated that she understands why fat people are still fat, because apparently she can’t stand being in the gym for so long and she usually quits by day one.

Did she actually forget what she wrote or is it just another means to get attention? Either way her comments about having messed up her body with drugs are a great way to call to attention to her great physique. At the very least it’s a marvelous way of rubbing it on other people’s faces.