This Is How Mike Sonko Came To The Rescue Of A 100 Year Old Woman Who Had Been Jailed For Contempt Of Court

After coming in to save Mzee Ojwang, Sonko isn’t done with coming to the aid of people who seem to have no one to rescue them. This time Sonko in connection with Governor Wambora have come in to rescue the 100 year Old granny. The woman in question was jailed after failing to raise the KSH 100,000 for contempt of court.

Margaret Ngima who was highlighted in the media asking for help seemed extremely lonely and needed assistance even when doing basic things at the Embu women’s prison. Kenyans on social media were enraged to learn that she is going to be jailed for 3 months for failing to raise the cash. Kenyans are even questioning the judge’s decision citing that they need psychiatric help for jailing such an old woman and the fact that multi-million thieves seem to steal and go scot free shows how truly Kenya is divided. However with the two politicians coming in forthe rescue, it seems that she will not be spending anymore time in the correctional facility.

With all this happening, one wonders if Sonko is really a man of the people, going past his county to give a helping hand or is it just a political campaign to for the 2022 elections. On the other hand it seems Governor Wambora, having not been impeached has just saved the granny form spending more time behind bars.