This Is Why A Gang In Kisumu Whipped, Striped, Tortured And Chased A Group Of Youths In Their Birthday Suits Through The Town In Broad Daylight

youths-beaten Ten youths in Kisumu were mercilessly whipped, stripped and tortured with all manner of crude weaponry. According to the videos and photos from the star, the youths sustained deep cuts to the head and a good number of broken limbs. One of the victims of the beating explained how he was confronted by a gang who suddenly, without reason, ordered him to take off his clothes. Soon after he was given a dogs beating.

The gang of vigilantes, claimed that the 10 youths were behind some recent raids in which some of their shops had been robed. They wanted to find out who was responsible and they had marked the unfortunate victims as the culprits. According to a KNCHR official from Kisumu, this vigilante acts continue to take place without any police intervention. A civilian who refused to go on record, felt like the 10 youths deserved the beating since they are well known for their atrocities yet the police have done nothing about it.