Here Are Some Exclusive Inside Photos Of The Spectacular House Jcc’s Reverend Kathy Kiuna And Bishop Allan Kiuna Live In

Everyone remembers how Allan Kiuna spoke on instagram stating how the Lord has helped him enjoy the fruits of his labor while golfing in Pretoria. Many people can also remember how Kathy talked of visiting her daughters in Australia and spends big on her visits. Life was blissful, that was until all hell broke loose after Kathy Kiuna said that poor people are not allowed to go to her church if they cannot afford tithe. In all this one thing came out clear in the eyes of Kenyans, money is important to them even if they call it blessings or in other words “mbegu”.

With the Kiunas family mansion having always been closed to the eyes of the public, it seems people do not have to wait any longer to see the photos of the magnificent house. In a recent gathering in the Kiuna home some photos were shared and nothing is short of spectacular. No wonder poor people are not invited, they wont be able to fit in any way. In this way poor people should just look for their blessings in the “mtaa” churches as this is not their kind of society.

Here are some of the photos:


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