Is Avrils’s Fiancé Dumping Her After The Sensual Harassment She Went Through While Performing At Masaai Mara University?

After the much circulated pictures of Avril performance at the Masaai Mara University during the Mzazi Willy M Tuva Mseto show, it was only a matter of time before her fiancé got his hands on them. The photos showed one Avril put in compromising situations where she consistently had to deal with sensual harassment from the testosterone jam-packed varsity students. These students shamelessly groped at her behind and even went ahead and took selfish with it. As expected, being an engaged woman the fiancé was incensed by the situation. Coming to think about it, who wouldn’t be? This is his woman they are treating with total disrespect because they can’t get control of their hormones.

Speaking about the incidence, Avril agreed with the fact that it is very hard to understand mob psychology and after one does something it seems another is given the go ahead. When asked about it Avril stated that rumors of how angry he was are true. She went on to say that the South African fiancé understands the situations that she has to deal with and that they are still in good terms. Either way after bagging such a fine rich man, one wonders just how much more he will stomach until he tires of all the shameless mannerism team mafisi posses and actually dumps her.