According To Juja Legislator Francis Waititu These Are The Guys Who Sent The Dirty Texts To His Female Employee, Susan Wambui

Juja legislator Francis Waititu has been twisted up in a controversy for apparently firing a CDF female employee who denied him some sexual favors. Now that the case is taking its final turns into the corridors of justice, the MP has come out strongly to deny having sent messages soliciting for sexual favors from any employee.

Well, this time he is claiming that his enemies in the political world took his phone while it was charging and sent text message. Waititu went on further to explain that he normally leaves his phone at a particular place in parliament charging. The chances of his political enemies seizing the opportunity to send such nasty messages are very high.

What about the passwords? Apparently Waititu is very open with his password- it is not a secret as even his bodyguards know it. They too could have helped in the plan to send the texts to Susan Wambui- the lady in question.

The MP however believes strongly that he will be vindicated because he is innocent or so he says. He denies that Susan Wambui had worked for him as his secretary in the CDF office. If he is found guilty of the offence, there is a high probability that he will lose his seat in parliame