This Is How Imenti Central Mp, Is Alleged To Have Raped And Beaten A Woman In His Office After Subjecting Her To A Forced HIV Test

Police are now investigating an Mp who is alleged to have raped a married woman in his office after subjecting her to a forced HIV test. The woman in question is a former journalist who is currently undergoing treatment at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Hurlingham. She claims that she was lured into Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti’s office presumably to discuss some business deals. Once she was in the office, things took a different turn. A doctor who had accompanied the MP, took a blood sample from her and did a HIV test. Once the doctor determined that she was negative, the MP begun demanding for sex.

Before she was sexually abused the lady managed to get into a toilet inside the MP’s office where she called her husband and informed him of what was going on. The text messages and call she made were between 11pm and 11:31pm. Unfortunately, the MP was able to break the door of the toilet where she was hiding and force her back into the office. He then continued beating her before carrying out the reprehensible act without using any protection.

The MP released her at around 1.30 am and she promptly hurried to her Kileleshwa home and called her husband who was by then still searching for her. The husband took her to hospital where it was confirmed that she had indeed been raped and assaulted. Her husband was shocked at the Mp’s actions since he was someone that he trusted and had known for quite some time. Mwiti tried to call him several times to resolve the matter and when he refused he was threatened.

The said doctor in the incident refused to give a statement when contacted by The Standard. He could neither confirm or deny the meeting that was held on Saturday night at 10 pm.