Breaking: This Is The Shocking Reason Why 150 Students And Staff Members From Strathmore University Were Rushed And Admitted To Various Hospitals Around Nairobi


In a bizarre turn of events, 150 students and staff members from Strathmore university were admitted to various hospitals after massive food poisoning at the institution on Friday 20th March. The largest percentage of those affected were 4th year students who were at the time attending the university’s seniors dinner. The university is fully aware of the matter and has taken the necessary steps to safeguard the health of its staff and students.

According to credible sources, some of the patients are so dehydrated that they have had to be admitted in high dependency units. Some students are said to have suffered from kidney injuries as a result of the severe dehydration. According to Nairobi News, some parents are angered by the situation and are thinking of taking legal action against the institution.

Food samples as well as patient results have been collected by the Kenya Medical Research Institute for analysis. Faculty members on the other hand are trying to ascertain the number of students affected. The food on that particular fateful day was outsourced from a certain catering company that the university has remained silent about. The name of the catering company will probably be made public once investigations are completed.