Here Are Some Of The Hilarious Reactions And Comments On Vera Sidika’s Bed That Allegedly Cost Her 1,000,000 Ksh

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While people were busy bad mouthing Vera after the call girl expose, she did what she does best. She got back in a big way. Yes, very big. She took to her Facebook fan page” Vee S Beiby” to flaunt her 11,500 US dollar bed. That is around 1,000,000 KSH. That is a whole lot of cash to spend on a bed, I mean you could get a house with 10 beds for that amount. Very few people in Kenya if any can attest to spending that much on a bed.

Whatever she is doing to bag that cash, she should keep at it. She should also probably give here critics and haters a lesson or two on how to make good cash. Here is the bed that she was talking about in her post:

Here is the post on the bed she wanted her fans to see and some hilarious comments on the post.
vera sidika bed
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