Here Are The Chemicals A British Terror Suspect Was Harboring In His Home In Mombasa That Could Have Easily Been Used To Make A Very Powerful Explosive

Jermaine Grant, a British terror suspect was apparently harboring materials that could be used to assemble a highly explosive homemade bomb. The materials were found in a house in Kisauni where the Briton had taken refuge. According to Senior Sergeant Mwachubi Salim, the chemicals obtained from the house are readily available in shops and can be used by anyone with the knowledge of bomb making to assemble a powerful bomb. The terror suspect’s record gave him motive and that is why he had to be arrested and arraigned in court.

Grant is alleged to have lived in the house with his Kenyan wife Warda Breik before the two were arrested. They were charged alongside other three Kenyans namely Frank Ngala, Faud Manswab and Breik. Among the explosive materials recovered were, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acetone, Ammonium Nitrate, Sulphur sublime and Lead Nitrate. Other materials found in Grant’s possession included an electric switch, four batteries, a wire and a multimeter device that could have acted as a detonator for the IED.