Here Are 10 Very Surprising Things That You Probably Didn’t Know About Former Embakasi Mp Ferdinand Waititu

Many people know Former Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu as a no nonsense man who openly speaks his mind and resolves issues in any way that he sees fit. He has sometimes been perceived as loud and rowdy. This is probably why his time in leadership has been dogged with one controversy after another which has at times led to his arrest. Here are 10 very suprising things that you probably didn’t know about him.

1. He was born on New Year ’s Day in 1962 and grew up in Kibera
2. He went to Dagoreti High School then to Kenya Polytechnic (Technical University of Kenya) for his A levels. He later went to an Indian university where he got his bachelor’s degree in BCOM.
3. In school he participated in welterweight boxing and was actually popular in Nairobi. Contrary to what many people believe, he was not a naughty child.
4. He was once employed as an accountant at the treasury where he worked for 6 years before he started his own transport business. During this entire time he had no idea he would one day get into politics. All along all he wanted to become was a successful businessman.
5. He first got into politics in 2002 where he contested for councillorship in Njiru neighboring Dandora and he was elected on a KANU ticket. The main reason he contested for this sit was to clean up the area where he conducted business.
6. He was once the deputy mayor of Nairobi
7. In 2007 he contested for the MP of Embakasi and he was elected after which he went on to become an Assistant minister in the Ministry of Water.
8. In 2012 he contested for Governor of Nairobi but things didn’t work out as he had planned. His comrade in arms Mike Sonko won the seat.
9. He claims he has never been involved in any kind of protest or strike.
10. He is an early riser and believes in success and working very hard. He currently has 5 children.