Here Is The Written Apology Of The ‘Racist’ Chinese Restaurant That Allegedly Doubled Up As A High-Class Brothel

The infamous Chinese restaurant rubbed Kenyans the wrong way after it was discovered that they wouldn’t admit Africans after 5 pm. As with all things that rub Kenyans the wrong way, some investigations had to be done. NTV discovered that the restaurant had 16 self-contained rooms at the back which were frequented by Chinese men accompanied by Chinese women. An employee at the restaurant disclosed that the rooms would go for around KSH 3,500 and were usually used by the clients in durations of between 30 minutes to 1 hour. NTV also discovered that the restaurant served serves dog meat. The journalist from NTV carrying out the investigation found fresh dog meat hanged on large beams in a kitchen.

Nairobi City County officials were forced to shut down the restaurant since it lacked the three mandatory licenses. The licenses in question included a health license, a liquor sale license and a change of use license once the restaurant was changed from a residential house to a restaurant.

Yesterday the Chinese restaurant Director, Jinke Xie, released a press statement which included an apology and a reason as to why they decide to lock out Africans after 5pm. Here is the Press statement.