Shocking As A Man In Nyamira, Nyanza Kills His Wife Of Three Days And Buries Her Under His Own Bed

In Isiongo village in Nyamira Sub county villagers are struggling to come to terms with an inexplicable incident where a 21 year old girl was murdered and buried under the bed of the assailant. The young girl went missing for a period of one month before her parents learnt that she had eloped with a man who had then murdered her. Neighbors of the newly married couple got suspicious of the girls whereabouts after they noticed she had disappeared days after she had moved into the man’s house. No one seemed to know why she wasn’t carrying out her usual house duties as it is expected of a wife in African tradition.

Alarmed by the unusual silence, neighbors notified the mother of the girl. A search by the administration police discovered her sandals by a nearby tea plantation. On further scrutiny the police discovered a freshly dug grave under the man bed. On excavating the area, the mother’s worst fears were confirmed. The lifeless decomposing body of her daughter was found. The suspect is 25 years old and he is identified as Daniel Nyabuti.