This Is How Mp Gideon Mwiti Underwent Medical Tests To Clear His Name Over The Rape Allegations

After being grilled for close to 6 hours, Mp Gideon Mwiti underwent medical tests at the government chemists which were conducted by Dr Zephaniah Mwangi Kamau. Mwiti spend the night at the parklands police station for a second night and is expected to be released on Thursday if everything goes his way. He will probably be required to present more evidence as investigations continue.

Though it is not clear which tests where done on the MP, he seemed very acquiescent and was willing to give any samples that were needed for the tests. It seems Kenyans will just have to wait a bit longer to see how things will turn out. Mwiti remains adamant that he did not assault and rape the 29 year old woman on Saturday and he is sure the truth will come out once complete investigations into the matter are completed.