This Is The Real Reason Why Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Had To Go Back To School To Get More Degrees Within One And A Half Years

According to Margret Wanjiru, she had to go back to school so that come 2017 she would be in a better position to get back into politics. She also wanted to get a degree that is non-religious. Currently all her degrees are from theological schools. Getting a degree that was non-religious would ensure that people would view here in another light. They would view her as a scholar and someone who would contribute well in governance debates.

She wants her leadership ideas to be derived from the world’s perspective other than the biblical perspective alone. She was also tired of people viewing her as a preacher alone and not as someone who would contribute just as much as the other leaders in the political arena.

Surprisingly, her degree course in Nairobi campus has only taken her one and a half years to complete. Something that many other universities do not offer. However, according to her interview on KTN she was able to finish all her courses and project papers within this short time because of her hard work. She had to put on hold everything in her life except for the preaching and church programs. She attributes the incredible feat to her tough principal at the campus.