18 Year Old Girl In Kajiado Is Arrested For Killing Her Baby And Stowing It In A Water Bucket

In a rather disturbing story Ann Wanjala, an 18 year old living in Kajiado, Central, carried her pregnancy to full term and then killed the baby. She was still living at her parents at the time of the incident. When her sister in law came to visit she noticed something was amiss, Ann was no longer pregnant and the baby was missing. When asked where the baby was, she claimed that it had fallen in the pit latrine. This prompted the sister in law to report the matter to the police.

However, when police visited the home they were shocked to find that the body of the child had been stowed away in a paper bag inside a water bucket. Ann’s father vehemently denied any knowledge of his daughter’s actions. He was just as shocked as the police were and immediately disowned his own daughter. What is even more disturbing is that villagers claim Ann has carried two other pregnancies to full term before and delivered yet she still has no children.

Ann is currently locked up at a police station helping officers with investigations.