This Is The Real Reason Why Controversial Nairobi Businesswoman Joyce Akinyi Was Arrested Again

Controversial Nairobi businesswoman Joyce Akinyi’s troubles never seem to end, if anything they seem to worsen. Yesterday, anti-narcotics police arrested her at her home in Langata. This time around, police recovered a white powdery substance which they suspected to be drugs. The substance was collected and transported to the government chemist for analysis. Once the analysis is complete and the type of drug which was in her possession is identified, she will be charged in court.

Currently Ms Akinyi is being held at the Muthaiga Police station. Akinyi first caught the attention of the public when her former husband Nigerian businessman Antony Chinedu, was arrested after drug trafficking charges were levelled against him. The contentious couple was also involved in prolonged legal and physical battles over properties in the city which were valued at billions of shillings.