Tanzanian “Nibebe” Hit Maker Rose Muhando Fianlly Speaks Out And Says This Is The Real Reason Why She Had To Have An Abortion

Rose Muhando finally spoke out about the abortion rumors that were defaming her. According to her statements, she had to procure an abortion due to a life-threatening sickness. The whole procedure was not illegal as the media had initially put it and she wasn’t running away from the law. She also went ahead to make it clear that there was no point where she got arrested during the entire frenzy. Procuring an abortion at her age would be against her morals, dangerous and immature since she is already a mother of three.

The strange sickness that she contracted caused her legs to swell and doctors felt that it was wise to terminate her pregnancy. She will make public the diagnosis she was given once everything is confirmed to her. She feels that the crazy allegations were the work of her ‘enemies’. She had recently laid off a couple of members of her team and she knows many of them didn’t take it well. They may have helped blow things out of proportion to get back at her.