This Is The Man Who Recorded Raila Odinga’s Conversation With Ababu Namwamba And Two Mps, And This Is The Surprising Real Reason Why He Did It

Ababu Namwamba’s body, Mr Odako, confessed to making the recording because he wanted to protect his boss. The conversation he recorded was between Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama, Ababu Namwamba, Raila Odinga, and Suna East MP Junet Mohammed. He felt that the recording would cushion any future eventualities against his boss. It is a decision he took upon himself as a prudent officer.

On the day of the recording, he activated the recorder on Namwamba’s phone before handing it over to him and retreating to a nearby cubicle in the hotle where the meeting was being held. He felt that this was the best way to protect his boss at the time. He only revealed to Namwamba that his phone had been secretly recording the entire conversation of the meeting as they walked back to his car.