This Is The Shocking Reason Why The Doctor In The Gideon Mwiti Rape Saga, David Mwangi, Has Been Arrested And His Clinic Closed

David-Mwangi-arrestedWell it seems Doctor David Mwangi will not be smiling for the cameras anytime soon like he did while denying the forced HIV testing allegations. Apparently he has been running the Fig Tree Medical Centre, without the necessary requirements contrary to the law governing registration and operation of medical facilities. This forced the officers from the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board, and Special Crimes Unit to close down his clinic and arrest him.

After his interview with the medical board, it was discovered that he hadn’t renewed his medical practicing certificate for 2015. Also after some quick investigations and interviews from the public it was discovered that he was operating as a specialist yet he is a general practitioner. It seems he wasn’t as straightforward and as upright as he’d made us believe. Will just wait and see what will transpires after complete investigation into the Mwiti saga are completed.