Believe It Or Not Philip Onyancha is Back!!!!

Many can very well remember Philip Onyancha, the serial killer that took Kenya by storm back in 2010. This man made women fearful and scamper for safety at the thought that there was a psychopath out there who killed women for sport and drunk their blood. Years later he has finally opened up on the real reason he killed 19 women of the 100 that he targeted. As a relatively soft spoken man, he used his charm to lure women and kill them. His reason; REVENGE! Apparently at a tender age, Philip Onyancha was sexually molested by a woman and thus allowed the pain he felt to escalate to a full blown revenge mission of raping and killing women for sport.

During the TV interview, Philip went ahead and actually confessed that some of the initial reports are false. He has admitted to the fact that he didn’t drink their blood and only made it up to make the death accounts more terrifying. With now 7 years remaining on his sentence for rape and murder, it’s just a short period of time before Kenya see if he is really reformed.