This Is The Real Reason Why Ciku Muiruri Feels That The Churchill Show Which Hosted Victor Kanyari Was Very Disturbing On So Many Levels

Unlike what many thought, Victor Kanyari’s welcome on the Churchill show was very gratifying. It was more of a hero’s home coming party with loud cheering and excitement. There was no booing or heckling as would have been the norm when Kenyans are exasperated with a public figure. Kanyari felt quite at home and event went ahead to make a couple of jokes about his scandal and what the public thinks of his antics.

This did not go down well with Ciku Muiruri who took to her Facebook account “Ciku Muiruri” to express her disconcertment. She found the entire show very disturbing and she couldn’t even get herself to watch the entire episode. She was annoyed with the audience who were involved in celebrating and sanitizing a con artist. According to her, If Churchill can condone and host such a character then he should also bring on some Kamiti inmates and give them some medals.

Here is the post that she put up:
ciku on churchill show