Habida Reveals How She Was Raped And Why She Didn’t Report The Incident

Habida is a talented and very beautiful woman and she or any other woman on this planet doesn’t deserve to be raped. It’s surprising that she did not report her ordeal but its impressive how she took it and how she didn’t let it affect her future. This shows the great personality of the songstress. Even though the rape ordeal happened a long time ago as she says, there is no justification for it and the correct thing would have been to report the guy because he probably has done that to other women.

However, choosing not to report the rape was her personal choice and we must respect it. I am glad she has moved on and instead of dwelling on the ordeal and letting it affect her. If she would have reported it or dwelled on it maybe her music career would have been affected and even her personal life. As an artist, she is a role model to many women and even men and therefore I have to commend her for keeping her experience private for all those years. Making her experience public would have gone either worked for her or against her, we can never know. What we know though is that she has healed and able to talk about the ordeal on national radio and that is a big step an also shows great confidence.

Here is the video courtesy of Mseto where she reveals who did this heinous act to her: