This Is How Much Weight Tanzanian Songstress Ray C Has Gained Over The Years And What Her Fans Think About It


Music lovers and fans of Tanzanian Songstress Ray-C were greeted to a rude shock by the cover of a plus size woman in the TRUE LOVE Magazine. Unknown to many, this was the one time well renowned sexy and gorgeous Ray C who made an impact sometime back due to her placatory voice and her killer body.

The songstress has been battling drug addiction and she now has a new battle ahead. She has gained has enormous weight and now she is no longer the appealing and the hot glamorous beauty from TZ. Many fans say that she is aging terribly and there is need for her to concentrate on perfect workouts that will regain her once beautiful body.

Ray C was a motivation to many young ladies who admired her voice, her killer body and her charm but she is no longer the celebrated queen of East African music. Now is the perfect time for her to go to the drawing board and start working on her career and her health.