This Is The Real Reason Why Nigerian Artist Davido Was Banned From The Trend By Larry Madowo For Life

The rage that was displayed on social media when the 22 years old boy in the name of Davido performed in Kenya is still raging in many Kenyans. Being categorized as the worst and most expensive show ever by any musician visiting Kenya bearing in mind that it lasted for a mere 25 minutes. Kenyans being generous gave him another chance to prove he is worth it and this came by in the trend TV show.

However to the disappointment of many, Davido showed how he doesn’t care for his fans and when interviewed, in the most popular show in Kenya, the arrogant fellow walked out leaving Larry madowo puzzled and shocked and his Kenyan fans disgusted. With this happening Larry madowo took the step that many Kenyans have applauded and ensured that the NTV team has banned davido from the nation centre. With this turn of events it just seems that davido has lost in its entirety the Kenyan base fan that in a sense almost worshipped him.

By the fact that he confused hospitality of Kenyans for desperation and undermined the Kenyan music , Kenyans should go arm in arm and ensure that his music which is an extension of him is not requested in the local radio stations and as that walk out on him as he did to Kenyans both on stage and on live TV show.