This Is The Real Reason Why Three Well Educated Women Tried To Cross Into Somalia To Be Married Off As Jihadi Brides

Three women, Khadija Abubakar Abdulkadir, Maryam Said Aboud and Ummul Khayr Sadir Abdulla, were arraigned in a court after attempting to cross into Somalia to marry Al-Shabaab militants. They weew arrests in El Wak a town located between the Jubaland region and the North Eastern Province. Unlike what many would think, the three are not poor, neither are they from disadvantaged backgrounds. They are well educated and from middle class families. They are alleged to have joined the Al- Shabaab militia group in September 2014 after being lured in via the internet by a Syrian female contact. Ummul Khayr Sadir Abdulla is said to have been the master mind behind the reqruitment in Kenya.

According to police reports they were promised marriage to Islamic fighters in Somalia and eventually they would end up as widows of Islamic holy fighters in Syria. Syria has a terror group that is so brutal hat even Al-Qaeda’s leaders such as Ayman al-Zawahiri have completely disowned it. Relatives and friends of the three women watched in disbelief as the charges were read in court. No one had suspected such disturbing news.