Here Are Kenyans Hilarious Reactions To The Anti-Corruption List Of Shame

With the list of shame out, Kenyan politicians are reacting by crying foul stating that it being named is a breach of law and that the names should not have been made public in the first place. Considering that it is the president who made the announcement, Kenyan politicians can do nothing about it. However Kenyans are furious and are they have varied reactions on what seems to be the biggest ever anti graft crackdown in the country. Some of their reactions in social media are quite enchanting and seriously hilarious.

Below are some of their reactions

How uhuru deals with the list of shame will determine how we will remember him

Speaker muturi just made my day when he stated that those annoyed by the list and wish to commit suicide should stand up and say so.

Those named in the list of shame should step aside to cheat us that something is happening

This list of shame stinks and those knowing that it is just a small piece of the truth is saddening

Such a large list, and they wonder why some Kenyans are actually encouraging Alshababab to flatten the Kenyan parliament

It’s shocking that the names in this list are actually the same ones who play holier than thou

Mainstream media is biased on #listofshame members, opposition politicians and members perceived to be anti jubilee feature prominently

Guilty until proven innocent

In all this, it seems that Kenyans are unanimously agreeing that they are tired of the “Mpigs phenomenal” and actually want these greedy people out of their lives for good.