This Is The Real Reason Why Mike Sonko Has Decided To Act Noble And Is Steping Aside As Nairobi Senator

In a move that elated various reactions on social media, Mike Mbuvi Sonko made a post on social media stating that he has stepped aside as the senator of Nairobi County. In the statement, Mike Sonko points out to the fact that he is surprised his name appeared in the list and this is just another move by his enemies to kill him politically considering that he has been relentlessly fighting graft. In his post he seems to take sarcasm to another level stating that the only correlation he has with the tendering issue SINOPEC the company he apparently influenced to get the tender was that it was in Nairobi, the county where he happens to be a senator.

In what appears to be an extremely lengthily post he pointed out to the fact that even though he is stepping aside, he has not received any formal communication from the EACC and he is waiting on that and at the moment he is in the dark regarding his wrong doing. This comes by even after his name categorically appeared in the official 45 page detailed report of how he and his counterpart Mr. Chirchir siphoned money amounting to billions from the Pipeline Company.

Kenyans are unsure if his actions were sincere about following the directive of the president to stepping aside to pave way for investigations into the matter. This is largely attributed to the fact that his post was during April fool’s day and it might just have been a sick joke to gauge the reaction of people. Whatever his reason for stepping aside might be, he has caught many people unguarded. One thing is clear however, either he is truly clean and doing the honorable thing of stepping aside or he is sure there is no evidence against him.