Son Of A Kenyan Government Official Among The Four Slain Al Shabaab Militants During The Garissa University Attack

Kenyans are now angry after it emerged that one of the militia men who were killed in the 12 hour siege at the Garissa University college was the son of a Kenyan government official. The militant was identified as Abdirahim Mohamed Abdullahi and was the son of Abdullahi Daqara who is the current Chief of Bulla Jamhuri in Mandera County. Abdirahim was identified by residents of Garissa after they demanded the parading of the four slain al Shabaab militants in public. Unlike what many would think Abdirahim wasn’t some dropout, unprivileged or an uneducated member of society. He was a law graduate from the University of Nairobi. He actually graduated quite recently in 2013.

According to residents and close friends, he was a brilliant student with a future destined for greatness. However, he harbored a dark side and he had dreams of joining either the al Shabaab or ISIS. Soon enough he was radicalized and opted to join the al Shabaab after efforts to fly out to Syria failed. Close family members to the deceased revealed that he had been disowned after he disappeared from his Mandera home for about a year.

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