10 Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mohamed Mohamud, The Mastermind Of The Garissa University Attack

Mohamed Mohamud is the man alleged to be behind the Garissa University attacks that claimed more than 148 lives. His name has been circulating all over the social media, especially after the Kenyan interior ministry placed a bounty on his head along with other terror suspects. Mohamed Mohamud goes by several other names which include Dulyadin, Gamadhere and Mohammed Kuno. Although he is not relatively new to the limelight here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about him.

1. His family

Interestingly, Dulyadin Gamadhere is said to have come from a family of sympathizers of the Somalia-based group. He has two siblings both of whom joined the al-Shabaab militia group.

2. His mother

Gamadhere’s mother has been nicknamed “The Iron Lady” for reasons that remain unclear.

3. Marriage

According to US intelligence reports, Gamadhere is a Kenyan National who has three wives, two of whom are from Garissa.

4. He was a simple teacher

According to the star newspaper Dulyadin once worked as a teacher at a Madrassa religious school, under the name of Sheikh Mahamad Afte.

5. When he joined Al-Shabaab

He is believed to have joined the Al-Shabaab in 2006 when it was formed. The group was formed from the remnants of the defeated Islamic Courts Union movement in Somalia.

6. Most senior lieutenant

Gamadhere is now the current al-Shabaab military leader for the Juba province in Somalia. He is tasked with the role of leading tactical attacks in Kenya and bordering regions.

7. Sibling shoots himself

One of Gamadhere’s siblings is reported to have shot himself with his own gun while training new recruits, the other is believed to be actively involved in the militia group.

8. His followers and network

He is credited with the extensive buildup of al-Shabaab sympathizers and operatives in war-torn Somalia and Kenya. His network of followers is believed to be strongest at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. Ironically, the refugee camp houses people fleeing famine, war and drought in Somalia.

9. Most wanted man in Kenya

Gamadhere is the subject of a bounty of 20 million Kenyan shillings for masterminding the Garissa University that claimed the lives of at least 148 people.

10. Other attacks

Before the 20 million shilling bounty a 2 million bounty had been placed on his head for carrying out other similar attacks on Kenyan soil. These attacks included the one which was carried out on a bus near the town of Mandera last year which claimed the lives of 28 innocent non-Muslims.

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