Garissa University Lecturers Reveal That 166 Students Are Still Unaccounted For After The Gruesome Attack

In the latest turn of events in the Garissa Attack Saga, 166 students are believed to be unaccounted for and the number of dead students has been put at 152. This is according to the Garissa University College lecturers who were flanked by officials from the Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) at a meeting held at the Uniafric House. Lecturers fear the unaccounted students may have been kidnapped by the al Shabaab during the attack. The Secretary General of the UASU, Mr Muga K’Olale, feels that the government is doing little to let the public know what really happened.

At the meeting lecturers also expressed the fear of losing their jobs and benefits. However, it was confirmed that the Moi University Vice Chancellor was already making plans on how to accommodate the 27 lecturers and integrate different students to different campuses across the country.

Generally, UASU members felt that the government did little to nothing to protect the Garissa students even with prior warning two weeks before the attack. The massive loss of students would have been prevented if security officers acted upon their intelligence.

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