The Government of Kenya Closes Down 13 Hawallas (Money Transfer Agencies) Following The Al Shabaab Attack At The Garissa University

A hawalla is a type of money transfer that is used by Muslims. It is based entirely on trust. In this system, an amount of money can be paid to an agent. The agent then asks the payer who the payee is. If the agent trusts them both, the money is sent to the payee immediately. This system has been active among members of the Muslim community in Kenya for quite a while now.

In the wake of the recent massacre at Garissa University by Al Shabaab militants, the government has decided to close down 13 hawalla centers. They include Amal Express, Amana, Bakaal, Continental and Flex Money Transfer Limited companies. Hodan, Iftin, Juba, Kendy and Tawakal Money Transfer Limited companies have also been closed down by the government. In addition to the above, the UAE Exchange Money Remittance Limited was asked to stop providing money transfer services to the public.

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