This Is How Drug Lords Are Funding A Good Number Of Political Campaigns In Kenya

According to a the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report made by the Bureau Of International Narcotics And Law Enforcement Affairs, Kenya is one of those countries that has remained vulnerable to money laundering and financial fraud. Many money laundering and terrorist funding activities are flourishing in the country as criminal activities increase. This has allowed Kenya to become one the transit points for international drug traffickers. In a chilling revelation, the report also says that drug barons in Kenya are using their dirty money to fund political campaigns. They are buying influence from government officials, law enforcement officers, renowned politicians and the media houses.

Kenya’s weak investigation and criminal handling procedures are allowing the drug money to corrupt many institutions and weaken the nation. According to the report, trafficking of drugs such as methamphetamine, heroine and ephedrine is on the increase in African countries such as Kenya. Drug trafficking organizations are taking advantage of the corrupt systems within the Kenyan government and business community and growing their businesses exponentially. The proceeds gained from the drug trafficking organizations are then used to corrupt more institutions and negatively impact the lives of citizens.

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