This Is Why Safaricom’s MPESA Is Going To Be Shutdown Today


This weekend, Safaricom’s M-Pesa mobile phone money transfer system will be shut down as the mobile service provider relocates its servers from Germany to Kenya. Most of the key services that the revolutionary system provides for users will be shut off. The entire system will be completely down on Saturday and will only resume on Sunday afternoon.

Here are some of the services which will be affected

Thursday Evening

New customers will not be able to be registered into the system during the shutdown. This will be from Thursday to Sunday. Therefore if you require a new MPESA account or if you have to replace your line you will have to wait until Monday.

Money Transfer

Users will not be able to make any money transfers during the entire period

Change of Pin

Users will not be able to change their secret pin during this period

Checking Balance

You will not able to check your MPESA balance during this period.

MPESA Pay Bill

You will not be able to make any payments via the MPESA platform, this includes your electricity bill and water bill. You are advised to walk around with a credit card or cash.


You will not be able to purchase airtime through your MPESA account during this time.

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